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Thermal Infrared

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Measurement - Don't need to contact, clean and health avoid cross infection. The contact less infrared thermometer uses the latest infrared technology to measure the surface temperature of the object quickly and conveniently.Quick temperature readings do not require mechanical contact with the object being measured.Just aim at the object under test, press the trigger and read the temperature data on the LCD display.The advantages of infrared thermometer: light weight, small volume, easy to use, easy to carry and can accurately measure hot, dangerous or difficult to reach objects, without contaminating or damaging the measured objects.The infrared thermometer can take several readings per second and the contact thermometer can take several minutes per second.


  • Accuracy:

    plus/minus 0.2 deg Celcius (35.0 deg Celcius to 42.0 deg Celcius) plus/minus 0.3 deg Celcius (32.0 deg Celcius to 34.9 deg Celcius and 42.1 deg Celcius to 42.2 deg Celcius)
  • Battery:

    2 x AAA batteries (DC3V)
  • Memory:

    32 groups
  • Auto shutdown:

    1 minute without using
  • Net.Weight:

    about 75g (without battery)
  • Size:

    144mm x 78mm x 37mm
  • Resolution:

    0.1 deg Celcius
  • Operating:

    16 deg to 35 deg Celcius
  • RH:

    15% to 80%
  • AP:

    70 to 106 kPa
  • Transportation&storage:

    -20 to + 55 deg Celcius


    15% to 93%
  • AP:

    (70 to 106) kPa


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