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Friday FPV Slate Rear Stack Insert Kit

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R 77,00

This simple set of plates is designed to give you some freedom and some choices about how you would like to use all the extra space towards the rear of your SlateRS airframe. 

The plates are made from pure black glass fibre, this gives you the option then to strap a VTX  directly down to the plate without any chance of shorting out the VTX on the frame. There are options for a 20X20mm stack, slots for zip-ties to strap something down and then there is also a completely blank plate to drill holes and cut slots in for what ever you may want to secure down.

Included in this kit are 2 press-nuts and two bolts. The nuts and bolts can be moved around if you choose. 

Now the choice really is your with what you want to do!


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