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Friday FPV Slate RS VTX Chiller

R 278,00

Frame integrated VTX cooling block, this cooler will keep your VTX at a nice cool temperature even when flying slowly in bandos on full power. Don't worry about flying a risky spot and loosing video due to a VTX over-heating! Remember also, if you down a quad and it take 10-15 minutes to find it, you needn't worry about your VTX cooking itself while fully powered, this cooler has been tested and it does work. Even the smallest industry standard VTX's known for over-heating can now be run on 800mW with no issues. 

This cooler can be used on your stackable or zip-tie down style VTX's, the choice is yours.

Included in this kit is one VTX chiller , two press-nuts and two bolts for securing it in place.  


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