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Friday FPV Taboo VTX Bracket

R 39,00

Version 2 of the Taboo, angle adjustable, VTX/antenna Bracket.

1 x VTx plate (100% pure glass-fibre for the cleanest video possible)

1 x VTx angle adjuster plate (100% pure carbon fibre)

1 x 12mm M3 button cap bolt (stainless steel)

1 x M3 nylock   

This bracket has been through extensive testing to ensure reliability and quality of both product and video quality. 

The plate to which the antenna and VTx are fastened, is 100% pure glass-fibre, glass-fibre creates a barrier and shield between it and the rest of the frame, which could possibly interfere with video quality. 

Rigorous testing has proven this product reliable, delivering crisp, clean video to the pilot, providing peace of mind in whatever flying scenario you may find yourself.


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