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Freewing Lippisch P15 64mm EDF Jet PNP FJ11011P

R 2165,00

64mm Freewing Lippisch P.15 - Receiver Ready (PNP) - FJ11011P

The Wright Brothers, Kelly Johnson, Willy Messerschmitt, Igor Sikorsky, R.J. Mitchell, Burt Rutan.  Not every contributor to aviation history has enjoyed the same notoriety as these innovators, but Motion RC and Freewing are proud to celebrate the engineer Alexander Lippisch, by producing the world’s first and only Lippisch P.15 flying wing concept jet!  Envisioned by Lippisch in 1944 as a jet powered version of his innovative rocket propelled Me-163 Komet, the P.15 would have taken the Komet concept even further, utilizing a blend of all-new and reused parts from the He-162 and Bf-109.  Repurposing the Bf-109’s landing gear allowed the P.15 to take off and land conventionally, compared to the rocket sled and skid landed Me-163.  Optimized for affordability and easy flight behavior, our intent in developing Freewing’s 64mm ParkJet series also seeks to illuminate rare and overlooked aircraft, and the P.15 is our first in this effort!  Join us in celebrating Alexander Lippisch and his innovative P.15 flying wing!

The Freewing 64mm P.15 continues the ParkJet series following the incredibly popular F-8 Crusader and F-105 Thunderchief.  After two American fighter jets, we’re changing things up to spotlight the excellent characteristics of an Axis-designed flying wing from the Second World War.  Compared to the F-8 and F-105, the P.15 is even more stable, more potentially acrobatic, and more efficient.  In ideal conditions, its low wing loading can allow for 50% longer flight times on the same battery with throttle management.  Aside from having a very low stall speed which will appeal to beginner pilots looking to fly slower and learn to fly an EDF, the P.15 also has lots of high speed potential for advanced pilots who are more comfortable with lighting fast rolls, snaps, and tumbles!  The cockpit has even been designed to accommodate a micro FPV camera, or for recording your flight with a standalone camera such as the RunCam or Mobius.  We are thrilled with the wide flight envelope of this model and its perfect marriage balancing fidelity to a scale jet’s appearance and an RC flying wing’s all-around “easy factor”.

For novice pilots wanting to learn how an EDF jet handles versus a propeller driven model aircraft of a similar size, the Freewing 64mm P.15 makes an ideal first hand launch EDF.  Assembly is straightforward, and uses only two servos to minimize weight, complexity, and cost.  Like the F-8 Crusader and F-105D Thunderchief, the Lippisch P.15 is is configured to be flown using a radio that supports Elevon mixing.  The battery bay can also accommodate a small gyro for additional stabilization.  We recommend the manual’s Low Rate throws for your maiden flight.  The roll rate can be very quick on High Rate, so the contrast between the light gray underside and the dark green camouflage upperside helps with orientation!

Powered by an efficient 64mm 5 blade EDF fan unit, 30A ESC and 2627-4500kv brushless outrunner motor, the Freewing 64mm P.15 Thunderchief reaches a top speed of 116kph/72mph using a single inexpensive Admiral 3S 1000 mAh - 2200 mAh lipo battery with XT60 connector.  While designed with simplified flight control surfaces and intended for hand launches and belly landing on grass runways, an optional landing gear set is sold separately for steerable operation on paved runways.

The Lippisch P.15 has never been modeled in foam PNP before, and we know you’ll be as pleased as we are with how this model flies.  Own this rare model today!

  • Durable EPO foam and reinforced construction
  • Flying wing characteristics: stable slow flight and fast forward flight
  • Never modeled in foam before, celebrating the jet version of the Me-163
  • Realistic shape and detailing
  • Dynamically balanced 5 Blade EDF fan for efficient power
  • Minimal assembly
  • Optional steerable landing gear (sold separately)
  • 4 Channel radio
  • 4 Channel receiver
  • 3 Cell 11.1V 1000 - 2200 mAh Li-Po Battery with XT60 Connector
  • 3 Cell compatible battery charger


750mm / 29.5in


495mm / 19.5in

Weight (w/o battery)

260g / 9.17oz

CG (Center of Gravity)

58mm (refer to manual for visual of precise measuring location)

Power System

2627-4500kV Brushless Outrunner Motor

Electronic Speed Control

30A, XT60 Connector

Propeller / EDF

64mm 5-Blade EDF


9g digital standard with 300mm lead : left elevon, right elevon

Landing Gear

Optional (sold separately)

Required Battery

3 Cell 11.1V 1000 - 2200 mAh Li-Po Battery with XT60 Connector (required)

Required Radio

4 Channel (required)











Hinge Type



EPO Foam

Skill Level


Build Time

1 Hour

Recommended Environment



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