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Fly Sky Transmitter PL18

R 5510,00

Flysky FS-PL18 Paladin 2.4G 18CH Radio Transmitter with FS-FTr10 Receiver HVGA 3.5 Inch TFT Touch Screen Mode 2

Flysky FS-PL18 Paladin 2.4G 18CH Radio Transmitter with FS-FTr10 Receiver HVGA 3.5 Inch TFT Touch Screen for RC FPV Racing Drone Air plane Helicopter Vehicle - Mode 2 


  • FRM301 module  It is the fastest and lowest latency module developed by FLYSKY.  Minimum delay: 3mS (faster than Frsky and Futaba, slower than SANWA)
  • GPS, spectrum analysis, ambient lights and other functions will be come true in the near future firmware
  • Wireless bluetooth, wireless charging and other functions should by Update firmware
  • Free to Switch Types, Handy with 18 Channels
  • For the first time fixed-wing, helicopter, FPV, multicopter and construction vehicles are all supported with one transmitter. Switch model types and play with 18 customizable channels.
  • Smash all boundaries and do things your way with the Paladin PL18.
  • Adjustable high precision HALL gimbal technology
  • The high-precision hall gimbals are easy to set up for left- or right-hand throttle, have adjustable spring tensioning, as well as adjustment for dampening and max/min movement angle.
  • Third Generation RF Technology, Detachable RF Module
  • AFHDS 3 is the latest generation of RF technology developed by FlySky, especially for the PL18. AFHDS 3 is designed to be an all in one configurable, low latency (5ms), stable protocol for use at longer ranges (up to 3.6km), even in the presence of interference.
  • The PL18 is designed to be compatible with many different detachable RF modules making the PL18 one of the most flexible FlySky products.
  • Dual Omnidirectional Antennas
  • The unique design of the combination of omnidirectional and directed of the antennas guarantee make the signals stable, and greatly improve the control distance and anti jamming capability.
  • With the PL18, you will be the center of high sky and vast sea.
  • PL18 uses two omnidirectional antennas in order to guarantee a strong, stable signal at longer ranges. Distance up to 2KM.
  • Super Cruising Ability, Racing without Stop
  • The PL18’s built in battery has a capacity of 4300mAh, meaning that the system will get over 8 hours of use between charges.
  • Flysky OS is a feast for the eyes
  • The PL18 has a 320x480 capacitive colour touch screen, amazing FlySkyOS firmware available in both Chinese and English languages.
  • OS design: mixing, curve, timer and reverse, voice, vibration and other functions.
  • Wireless charging, USB charging and Voice / vibration prompts
  • USB simulator (For use with flight simulation software)
  • Compatible with FTr10 and FTr16s receivers and Copy and paste model data
  • Customizable switches and Trainer function
  • Stable signal even with over 40 transmitters being used at the same time


  • Brand name: Flysky
  • Item name: FS-PL18 Transmitter
  • Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Number of channels: 18
  • Work voltage: 5V DC
  • Working current: 130mA
  • Model memory: 20
  • Product colour: Black
  • Support for updating firmware: yes
  • Power Input: 1 x 3.7V 4300mAh Lipo Battery
  • Working temperature: -15 ° C - + 60 ° C
  • Working Humidity: 20 to 95%
  • Size: 250 x 280 x 130 mm
  • Weight: 1.87kg

Package Includes:

1 x FS-PL18 Transmitter
1 x FS-FTr10 Receiver

1x FTR16s Receiver


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