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Spektrum Transmitter NX10

R 12455,00


From Wi-Fi connectivity and a large, 3.2” backlit color display to its built-in Smart Technology support, the NX10 10-channel transmitter provides experienced pilots with all of the advantages available from next-level Spektrum radio control.

The Spektrum NX10 10-channel DSMX transmitter gives intermediate to advanced pilots a new opportunity to explore the advantages of truly innovative radio control. This radio includes an incredible array of exclusive technologies and advanced connectivity features that are found in no other 10-channel transmitters.

Out of the box, the NX10 is compatible with Smart Technology. It’s ready to support your Spektrum Smart batteries and Smart Avian ESCs, so you can receive important telemetry data right at your fingertips in real time. Exclusive Spektrum Airware software is also included to provide the easiest, most intuitive programming available.

The NX10 radio’s Wi-Fi connectivity adds more convenience. In addition to completing product registration straight from the transmitter, you’ll be able to download firmware updates instantly. It’s a totally modern user experience with some of the same features and capabilities found in the top-of-the-line Spektrum iX Series radios.

More proven Spektrum radio expertise can be found in the NX10 transmitter’s ergonomic design. The contours, balance, and control positions combine to increase the accuracy of your inputs and provide unparalleled comfort. Halleffect sensor gimbals offer long-lasting precision with an ultra-smooth feel that’s adjustable from the front of the transmitter. An easy-to-use roller wheel interface simplifies programming, with a large 3.2” color display to make menus easy to read. Even a rechargeable 1S 6000mAh Li-Ion transmitter battery and magnetic USB Cable and Micro USB Adapter for convenient USB charging are included.

From its brilliantly designed display to the Wi-Fi connectivity plus built-in Smart Technology support and more, the NX10 gives experienced pilots access to a wide array of Spektrum exclusive advantages and innovations. Fly your aircraft with next-level control — choose the 10-channel NX10 transmitter.


The Spektrum NX10 comes ready to provide the advantages of state-of-the-art connectivity right out of the box by supporting the innovative, all-inone telemetry of Spektrum Smart batteries, ESCs and receivers. Smart Technology ensures that all of your model’s electronics work together seamlessly for the greatest efficiency and performance. It keeps you aware of every component’s status, boosts your confidence in its capabilities, and makes your entire system more responsive and simple to use.


When the NX10 transmitter is connected to Wi- Fi, you can complete product registration and download firmware updates instantly. A micro USB port allows you to charge the internal Li-Ion battery with the included USB-to-Micro magnetic USB cable and magnetic adapter. It can also be used to recognize accessory devices and provide a convenient link to your PC or laptop. Connect the transmitter to your computer and you can control most simulators, including the RealFlight RC Flight Simulator.

*Currently compatible only with RF8 and RF9.


Navigating menus and viewing telemetry data is made easy by the NX8 transmitter’s large, 3.2” backlit color display that delivers information in crisp, 320x240 resolution detail. The display screen also allows you to choose from multiple color palettes or create your own.

NX8 screen backlit in light coloUr NX8 screen backlit in orange NX8 screen backlit in black coloUr


The NX10 offers 14 programmable mixes and up to 10 different flight modes. You can easily navigate program menus with the transmitter’s roller-wheel scrolling interface with Clear, Back, and Function buttons. Function bar options include Telemetry Ticker Tape for following real-time telemetry data and “My List” to give you quick access to the menu items you select, organized however you wish. You’ll have quick, uncluttered access to the features you use the most.


Weight distribution and switch placement have been optimized for comfort and precise, fatigue-free control. Rubber grips make it easy to hold the NX10 transmitter securely. Its antenna folds conveniently to the front for compact storage and transport. It also helps to prevent accidental powering on by partially blocking the power button.

An NX10 photo depicting the transmitter gimbles and front-facing switches.An NX10 photo depicting the back of the transmitter featuring the grip..An NX10 photo depicting the top of the radio and switches.


The NX10 transmitter’s Hall-effect sensor gimbals offer long-lasting precision with an ultra-smooth feel that’s conveniently adjustable from the front of the transmitter. Compared to traditional, potentiometer-style gimbals, these offer higher resolution, longer life, and greater durability.


Exclusive Spektrum AirWare programming software includes all of the functions that an expert pilot could want, but you don’t have to be an expert to use them. It also offers benefits not available on other systems, such as Enhanced Wing Type programming that automatically configures the necessary mixes; Active Gyro and Governor Trim to fine-tune rotor speed and gyro gain while in flight; and Electronic E-Ring to limit servo travel automatically if the sum of the cyclic and pitch values exceeds servo limits.


The NX10 transmitter is built around proven Spektrum DSMX 2.4GHz frequency-agile technology — the most advanced spread spectrum RC technology to date. By adding the agility of unique frequency shifts to the superior interference resistance of a wideband signal, and by limiting those shifts to a smaller portion of the 2.4GHz band, DSMX transmitters provide on-channel interference protection that’s second to none.


Model programming templates for BNF aircraft that include desired switch assignments, rates, curves and other details are already saved into the NX10 transmitter. You can also simplify the process of creating set-ups for new models by selecting Template and starting from a generic model template of the appropriate model type.

Image of the NX8 Transmitter's light backlit screen displaying the Create New Model template screen


With voice alerts, the NX10 lets you keep tabs on important functions without ever taking your eyes away from your aircraft. They can be programmed to call out what flight mode you’ve chosen or to report telemetry information on demand. If an alarm goes off, you won’t have to look at the transmitter display to see what’s happening — the NX10 will tell you. A headphone jack allows you to monitor voice alerts using earbuds so you don’t bother other pilots

A vector drawing representing voice alerts.


The exclusive functionality of the Spektrum™ wireless trainer link gives NX10 users the ability to link up wirelessly with other Spektrum DSMX/DSM2 transmitters when teaching someone to fly. It’s hassle-free. Once bound to another transmitter or component, ModelMatch technology will allow the NX10 to re-link without going through the bind process all over again.

An NX8 and DXs wirelessly connected to buddy box.


The NX10 transmitter includes a long-lasting 3.7V 6000mAh 1S Lithium Ion battery and a magnetic USB Cable and Micro USB Adapter for convenient USB charging.

The rear of the NX8 with the battery compartment exposed.

  • Backlit 3.2”, 320x240 display screen with multiple color palette choices and user customizable colors
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for easy product registration, model downloads and firmware updates
  • Superb ergonomics including smooth Hall-effect sensor gimbals
  • Smart Technology compatibility out of the box
  • 3.7V 6000mAh 1S Lithium Ion transmitter battery and a magnetic USB Cable and Micro USB Adapter for convenient USB charging
  • Airplane, sailplane, multi-rotor and helicopter programming
  • 250 model memory
  • Model templates available for BNF aircraft
  • Superb ergonomics optimized for comfort and precise, fatigue-free control
  • 3.7V 2000 mAh 1S Lithium Ion transmitter battery included
Type: Advanced computer
Number of Channels: 10
Modulation: DSM2/DSMX
Band: 2.4GHz
Frame Rate: 11/22ms
Resolution: 2048
Programming Feature: Airplane/Helicopter/Sailplane/Multi-Rotor
Model Memory: 250
Modes: User Selectable Mode 1-4
Transmitter Battery Type: 1S3P 6000 LiIon battery SPMB6000LITX
Charger: Magnetic USB cable included, no power supply
Range: Full
Experience Level: Advanced
Rate Position: 3 POS
Flight Modes: 10
Proportional Inputs: 7
Integrated Telemetry: Yes
SD Card/Airware Capable: Yes
Programmable Mixes: 14
Sequencers: 4
Absolute Travel: Yes
Servo Balance: Yes
Servo Speed: Yes
Flight Modes: 10
Proportional Inputs: 7
Receiver: Not Included
  • Compatible Spektrum receiver, such as:
  • AR8360T 8-Channel AS3X / SAFE Telemetry Receiver (SPMAR8360T)
  • AR9030T DSMX 9-Channel Air Integrated Telemetry Receiver (SPMAR9030T)
  • AR12310T DSMX 12-Channel PowerSafe Integrated Telemetry Receiver (SPMAR12310T)


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